Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies – $770

Photo credit: Jill Cowdry Photography

Welcoming your new little superhero into the world with a naming ceremony can be fun and a great way to bring family and friends together. Suitable for any age – there are really no rules – anything goes! These non-religious ceremonies are packed with meaning, and can include:

  • Your child’s story – how they arrived into the world, where they are in the family and the significance of their name.
  • Your family values – including promises you make to your child, and what your dreams are for their future.
  • Appointment of Mentors (like Godparents without the godliness)
  • A special poem or reading
  • Inclusion of traditions and rituals, such as:
    • candle-lighting
    • cake-cutting
    • balloon release
    • time capsule
    • tree-planting
    • toasting the baby (with champagne, of course!)
    • anything else you want to add.
  • Presentation of a commemorative certificate and your ceremony in a presentation folder to keep.